If you have lost your MYST tag ingame, it's because we have done a purge in our ranks. You have probably been considered inactive, missing or unknown and therefore kicked because there are now requirements to keep the tag.

If you want to come back please read the other news to inform yourself about recent changes in the guild, and fill a new application on the Recruitment page.

Hope to see you soon

saberrecon lost tag as well, been inactive for a short time due to out of country. Been registered since the beginning. what is it ...
Savall I have been playing, though at late night. I'm currently on a night schedule. And no one seems to be on TS or in ...
Muon-Nol I have also lost my guild tag. Post 3/29 patch. Muon-Nol. Ash warrior and Fireteam Scorpion member. I've requested ...

Icons For Hire

Demetri Dominov posted Sep 29, 16

We need more Icons for TS. Please contact me if you are interested in doing a creative project that is of great value to the guild. I will give you more information and the outline of the reward then!

HiveSpirit Theyre here, and they look stunning, good job :)

Not sure if this will reach even a fraction of the horde of people that joined MYST today, but if you plan on playing with us past September 18th 2pm CT, you MUST either already be grandfathered in, or fill out an application and be accepted here:

Though MYST welcomes everyone, if I don't know you and haven't met you and are unwilling to verify who you are, you are currently on a test run of our membership. Please get in contact with me since I can't find all of you on steam. Failure to fill out an application by October 1st will result in immediate removal. You are always welcome to remain part of our community, or to re-apply afterwards if you so wish, but that will be our official deadline.

Thank you.

Texcaliber Hello all I've watched this guild and I am a very competitive player and know together we can be the top eldar guil...
Col.Kurtz Just applied, Ive seen what the guild can do online as a team and would like to be a part of it.
Emporer's woe ello all. i just applied and this is my 1st post so hopefully see y'all in glorious battle

Check it out!

Be sure to share it around.

Also, we'd love to see more people hanging out on TS. I understand life gets in the way and it's not always the best time, but hang out in the Infinity Circuit if nothing else. Sometimes it's the only way others can see you're on.

If you have your own video and would like me to include in any future projects, please let me know. I definitely don't want them all from my perspective!

DaveyBoy Good one :) Do we have a youtube channel for Myriad Shrines? I can set one up if you wish and provide accesses.
Noromiz Good job Demetri!